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Personal Injury


"I'm not the type of person who goes around suing people.  In fact, I only called you because the insurance company is giving me the run around."

Accident victims unexpectedly find themselves thrust into a complex and intimidating insurance claims system.  Expecting fair treatment, some initially try to handle matters themselves - only to realize later that wealthy and powerful insurance companies and corporations have rigged the claims system in their favor. 

Choosing the right Personal Injury Attorney is your power to protect your rights and level the playing field.  We represent those who have been seriously injured in car accidents caused by careless drivers, "slip and falls" on dangerous properties, dog bites and attacks, defective products, and medical malpractice.  We represent clients with all types of serious injuries, including claims for wrongful death of a loved one.  We also represent victims of fire and other casualty losses when insurance companies refuse to pay what they owe.

Most importantly, we take the time to make sure that our clients understand both the process and the result.  One of the most common compliments that we receive from clients is that we explain the complex insurance and litigation processes in clear, plain language.  This helps to ensure that our clients receive fully transparent advice and are able to make decisions that are right for themselves and their families. 

Our fees are contingent, so there is no up-front cost to you.  Simply, there is no fee unless we win.  If you have been seriously injured or a loved one was the victim of a wrongful death in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, contact us for a free consultation.  

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